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             In nursery of  Sakarya  Botanic Inc.  Co.   Following  types of   exporter company of Turkey, with yearly above 2.000.000
             plants are being propagating and sale in pots; Decidious   pieces of potted plants circulating from production to sale
             Plants, Conifers, Semi-Trees, Bonzai Species, Shrubs, Climb-  in nursery. We are working with experienced engineers and
             ing Species, Herbaceous and Reed Species, Palm Species,   other skillfull  staffs expecially  specialized  on ornamental
             Fruit Trees and other exotics.             plant breeding. However serving to vocational eductaion by
             Aim of establishment; taking plants which prepared in 130   coperating with education references of industry.
             hectars field of Sakarya Fidancılık A.Ş.( Sakarya Arboriculture   With in domestic and abroad landscape projects and imple-
             and Greenhouse Inc. Co.). as semi-product and preparing   mentations, also Sakarya Botanic Inc. Co.  already continues
             them according to their species and varieties, firstly meet the   large-scaled exportations and landscape projects in Middle-
             needs of SMS Marmara Group and marketting in domestic and   Asia, Middle-East and Caucaus Republics.
             abroad market. By this aim, a 12.500m  greenhouses, 1.500
             m   closed potting area, 6.500m  shadow field, automatic ir-
             rigation system, plant protection measures etc. all kinds of
             equipment are exist with in the company.
             Sakarya Botanic Inc. Co.  continues to be the largest plant

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